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Hi! Welcome to my very first blog post. My name is Cindy and I'm 19 years old. I live in the Netherlands but this blog is in English, even though this is my second language and I might not use it correctly all the time.

Above are my nails from yesterday, sporting Pool Party from China Glaze's Poolside collection, which launched in April this year. Pool Party is a very bright reddish pink. Since it's a neon it dries matte. Shown above is a three-coater and application was okay, but not great. 
You might be able to see some streaks in the photo, but I think I could've gotten this polish on smoother. And if you put on a topcoat it'l be even more smooth and also shiny instead of matte. 
Oh and I'm hiding my index finger, and thus my thumb, cause I made a huge ugly dent in it's freshly polished nail just before taking photo's..

In real life this neon is much brighter, it really pops and is a great summer color. The other colors from the Poolside collection are:
Flip Flop Fantasy, a neon pink coral.
Sun Worshiper, a bright neon orange that is quite sheer.
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, a neon yellow with a slightly greenish undertone, like the yellow highlighters, and is even more sheer than Sun Worshiper.
Kiwi Cool-Ada, a neon light green that also doesn't get really opaque, but not as bad as the yellow and orange.
Towel Boy Toy, a cool blue neon that is the only one in this collection with a slight shimmer, making me think of water. This one also had somewhat of a hard time getting opaque just like Kiwi Cool-Ada.

To avoid a visible nail line I suggest you'd use a white polish as a base for these. At the moment I own all the colors from this collection apart of Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. I really love these bright neon colors even though they're not application heaven. 

Right now I'm having some issues with the wear time, they usually peel of after barely a day, sometimes even as a complete nail polish piece. But since I'm experiencing this with other polishes too, I'm guessing it's due to my cheap-ass drugstore topcoat. It claims to last up to 10 days but my polish actually lasts longer without it. But there are two topcoats on their way, INM Out The Door and Poshe Super-Fast Drying Top Coat. I'm looking forward to trying these out, not only because they're supposed to cut the drying time. 

Alongside with those topcoats I ordered Orly rescue kit. This review sounds very promising and I can't wait to try it out, since my silk wraps have occasionally peeled off with the polish and this rescue kit seems to give a nice smooth finish. When I've tried it I'll post a review up here.

What do you think about neon polishes? And what about this collection, do you want it/have it/leave it?

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